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Establishing an estate plan is a way for you or your loved ones to gain peace of mind. If left to the proper hands your estate plan will guarantee that your desires and plans will be carried out, and that, wherever possible, money will be saved. To eliminate infighting and unneeded costs, call our legal team.

In our state, probate can be a costly affair and a tax on your time. Situations as simple as summary can take six to eight weeks. Costs are in the thousands and time requirements in the months.

All this time and expense can be avoided when your lawyer drafts a will and trust that meet your needs. We have spent a career in making these circumstances as simple as possible for our clients. Call or email or team today to take wise precautions.

Your Last Will And Testament

In your will you can establish to whom your assets should be distributed, and how. That way there aren’t questions about the division of your property. By creating a will you avoid potential confusion and ambiguity for those you care about.

In addition to assets your will can also be a way to communicate how you would like your memorial service to be conducted, guardianship for your children to be arranged, and more.


Legally speaking, there are many different types of trusts to meet many diverse needs. One of the most common trusts drafted at my firm is a living trust, also called a revocable trust or an inter vivos trust. A living trust is created for a person while he or she is alive. It serves as an arrangement under which another person (called a trustee) holds legal title to another person's property.

In legal terms, there are myriad trusts to meet all specific scenarios or needs. We most commonly deal with living trust situations. These can also be called revocable trusts or an inter vivos trust. Living trusts are created by someone who is still alive and designated to a trustee.

The legal terms can be complicated, but it is possible to be the trustee of your own living trust. If you have a trust established, you can lower estate taxes, dodge probate, and safeguard assets.

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