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The trust administration process is complex. The trust administrator will handle a variety of issues, including notifying beneficiaries, filing taxes, managing the estate's inventory and some accounting duties.

This process does not have to be overwhelming. Our attorneys at The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd can help you every step of the way. We will assist with all of your trust administration duties. We know what needs to be done when a trust is involved in your or your loved one's estate.

How to explain your duties as a trust administrator

To establish how you want your assets to be distributed, establish a trust. A trust allows you to avoid going through the probate process. It is essential that your trust is administered correctly and that you or your loved one’s wishes are followed.

Our lawyers have experience managing all aspects of our clients' trusts and other estate administration issues in Florida. We are committed to helping individuals and families in Merritt Island and the surrounding areas with all of their trust administration matters

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