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Advanced Directives

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A comprehensive estate plan is more complicated than a will and trust. All estate plans are different but a complete estate plan should include a trust, power of attorney, and advance directive.

We draft and review estates, including powers of attorney and advance directives so that we can assure our clients interests are valued.

Powers Of Attorney

Power’s of attorney are straight forward, powerful documents. A properly drafted POA gives the trusted individual the ability to own the future.

You may have heard about a living will from your doctor, but the best place to get one is from your lawyer. At our firm we commonly draft living wills as part of complete estate plans, as well as for people who are undergoing major medical procedures or experiencing health issues.

It was not too long ago that Florida was rocked by the Terri Schiavo case, a legal struggle between family members involving prolonged life support. Ms. Schiavo's parents and husband engaged in a bitter court battle about whether her life should be sustained through medical intervention.

While the Schiavo case was a dramatic example, the truth is that families have to make difficult medical decisions every day in Florida. Creating a living will that explains your wishes and appoints a health care surrogate to carry them out can protect your family from infighting during a challenging time.

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