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Nursing home care is one of the most expensive things a person may have to pay for in his or her lifetime. Even a short stay in a nursing home can cost thousands of dollars, and it is not uncommon for end-of-life care to use up all of the money a person has saved over his or her lifetime.

If you want to protect your assets and your loved ones - if you want to have something left to give - it is critical that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. Proper Medicaid planning is something that takes time. To be truly effective, it must be done before nursing home care is needed.

Smart Estate Planning For Long-Term Care

We represent people throughout Central Forida. Our clients are typically approaching retirement. Many are preparing for eventual incapacity or health causes for planning to be essential. We use our experience to help Florida families consider Medicaid or find answers about their potential options. There are likely exemptions available to you through state law, and we want to be sure that you are aware of them and how they may apply.

A joint federal-state program, Medicaid provides medical assistance to low-income individuals, including those who are 65 or older, disabled or blind. Medicaid is the single largest payer of nursing home bills in America and serves as the option of last resort for people who have no other way to finance their long-term care.

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