Estate Planning for

Blended Families

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Families have become less and less traditional. While your definition of family may be those whom you have come to love, or feel loved by, the probate interpretation may differ. Without proper council, trusting your estate to the legal system could mean that your desires are trampled by the complex law.

So, what can you do? You can hire representation who is able to draft an estate plan that protects your desires for your estate.

We have experience working with families in the following situations:

  • Parents who have remarried and have step children
  • Adopted children
  • Children together in a second marriage
  • Extended family

We want our clients to rest assured knowing that their estate would be passing along to those whom they love, even if recipients may not meet the strictest legal codes. Another aspect of our services is that we can do the most, legally speaking, to prevent infighting between beneficiaries.

You know best how you want to treat the potential beneficiaries in your life, and we know how best to assure that your estate reflects your wishes. With us on your side complex assets and prenuptual agreements

Whether your family is about to change or whether you are taking time to put things in order, there is never a better time to speak with our team.

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