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Estate issues can create conflicts regarding beneficiaries, administrators, heirs, trustees and executors. These conflicts can be challenging to solve by yourself because there are financial and emotional factors.

Conflicts During The Probate Process

The conflicts mentioned above are the sort of thing that can make the probate process take longer than it needs to. Our experience handling probate litigation situations will ensure that the process proceeds as quickly as possible and that all of your concerns are protected.

Conflicts can be created by the following issues:

  • Undue influence
  • Breach of duty
  • Fraud
  • Invalid document
  • Mismanagement of estate
  • Wills that are being contested and other estate matters within the probate process should be assessed by a legal team.
  • The litigation involved with probate law

Our team if familiar with the law, how the courts work, and what needs to be done for your case. Once we become familiar with the circumstances of your need, we will be your advocate.

Litigation is challenging, and should not simply be trusted to the first attorney you come across. Our team wants you to do your due diligence, even as it relates to our firm. Ask around the central Florida community and we trust you will find that our reputation is reassuring.

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