The Formal Administration Process

Our attorneys at The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd in Merritt Island will help you with the probate process. Formal administration is the most common form of probate in Florida. We understand complex probate issues and know what action to take to keep the process moving smoothly.

What Happens During Formal Administration

For estates that are in excess of $75000 there is Formal Administrtation. Someone will be appointed by the court as a personal representative for the distribution. This process usually occurs within six months.

Under court supervision the assets will be collected and distributed during a three step process:

  • Open the estate
  • Administer the estate, including collecting and distributing the assets
  • Close the estate

After administration costs and creditors paid, the estate administration process transfers to the designated beneficiaries. You should file a petition of administration to begin the process. For this, you should also have a personal representative.

The personal representative will complete several duties that include collecting the assets, paying debts and filing any necessary paperwork.

Experienced Probate Lawyers On Your Side

Our team will be with you through the whole process. You will know what to expect from your case because we will maintain a line of honest and regular communication.

We have been a part of numerous probate cases. We will be your advocate, ensuring that you aren’t alone during the process, and ensuring that your wishes are heard.

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