The Determination Of Incapacity For Guardianships

Age, intellectual disabilities, and illness can all result in incapacitation. It is wise to protect your family by appointing a guardian before one is needed.


Our legal team has the experience and expertise to understand the confusing nature of guardianship issues. Those who can’t make the best decisions for themselves need someone capable to make those decisions for them.

If there is not an advance directive in place you will need to appoint a guardian for your loved one. We’ve been representing families in Central Florida for years, and we can represent you.

The Process

The court must have a petition of incapacity to make a determination. Out legal team is fully capable of filing the petition and preparing you and your family for what to expect. We understand Florida’s guardianship laws and your rights. We can protect your interests from the confusion of law.

So that a medical team can make a recommendation to the judge, the court appoints such a team following the filling of the petition. Each committee member will perform a physical examination, mental examination and functional assessment to help them make their final determination.

How We Can Help

We can find the best path for your situation because of our legal team’s experience. Our experience, knowledge, and reputation can be at your disposal. We want to help you and your family.

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