Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders

It is important to our legal team that the victims of domestic violence are aware of their rights. Our staff is compassionate and discrete, and they will offer advice for your immediate and long-term legal actions. Domestic violence is not limited to married couples, but can also involve non-married couples, children and parents.

Filing For A Restraining Order

For a temporary restraining order you will need to go to court. If you do so, a hearing will occur within 14 days to decide whether the order should be extended, or if there is a need for a permanent order. The entire process is one which our legal team is familiar with, and we will be your guides. You will always know where your case stands and your questions will be answered by our team.

Injunctions for restraining orders and injunctions for protection may reference:

  • Domestic violence: Against any person you have been living with, who has caused you physical injury or has caused you to be fearful of injury.
  • Repeat violence: Against any person who has committed multiple acts of violence or stalking in the last six months.
  • Dating violence: Against an individual with whom you have had a romantic or intimate relationship. It can also be filed on behalf of a minor child.
  • Sexual violence: If you are the victim of sexual violence or the parent or guardian of a minor living at home who has been victimized by sexual violence.
  • Stalking: A 2012 law created an injunction against stalking, including cyberstalking, against both adults and minors.

It is not uncommon for accusations of domestic violence to occur during divorce. We have represented parties accusing of sexual violence, and those defending. In both cases, constant communication is one of our team’s strengths. We make sure you know where your case stands.

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Family law disputes can be very sensitive. Whether accusing or accused, waiting to contact legal representation is a mistake.

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