Dividing Property And Assets During Divorce

Property division issues are not easily understood. If you are getting divorced it is important to understand the process of equitable distribution. By explaining the property division laws in Florida, our legal team will protect your rights and help you make informed legal decisions.

In all types of property disputes, our legal team has experience. If you own a business, several properties, or have complex financial questions, we can help.

Determination Of Marital Assets

Assets are divided into non-marital and marital assets. During the property division process, marital assets will need to be divided. Marital assets are the assets accumulated during the marriage. These may include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Property
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments
  • Assets that you obtained prior to your marriage are considered non-marital assets and will be subject to division.

So that everything is divided appropriately, it is important that everything is carefully evaluated. When couples divorce assets are subject to equitable distribution. Equitable distribution means "fair," not necessarily a 50-50 division. Each person has a different idea of what is fair in a divorce. If needed, we can work with experts to make sure that there is an accurate assessment of the assets available.

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