Understanding Child Support

It is common to have questions about child support. There will be an impact upon your finances. Our legal team understands your concerns. We have experience dealing with family law in the state of Florida. We will communicate your options to you and protect your rights.

Child Support Calculations

Minor or child dependents must be supported by their legal parents. There are guidelines with assist the court in choosing how much financial assistance is required. If there is a change or request for change of the child support payments, the court uses the guidelines to make its decision. Child support awards are based on guidelines that factor in basic factors such as:

  • Both parents' monthly income
  • Deductions allowed by law
  • Percentage of time sharing
  • Child's health care and child care costs
  • Child's standard needs
  • Child's age

In some situations, such as when a child requires special medical care, the court may deviate from the listed guidelines. Our legal team uses their experience and knowledge of the Florida Child Support Guidelines to determine the accurate amount you should pay or receive pursuant.

In all types of child support issues we represent parents in Merritt Island and throughout central Florida. We can prepare agreements that will further protect you in the event one of the parents experiences a significant change of circumstances wherein he or she is unable to pay the court-ordered child support.

We know how to handle these issues and we will be able to answer your questions. You deserve the personal attention that we are going to give you.